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  1. Cleopatra Beers

    Toasty! Or A Typical Day In October For Cleo and Markie

    Hiii Ever’buddy! It’z getting cooold here in Kansas, so Mommie an’ Daddieo turned the hot on! Now, ya’ll May remember beer that back in Nevada, we hadda go up to a shelf 12 feet up the wall and argue over who gotta get all the hot! Well, here, the hot comes out on the floor!!! So Stinky Markie...
  2. Cleopatra Beers

    The Royal Catio

    It has been brought to my attention (thanks @Xandria) that we have never posted pictures of Cleo's and Marcus' favorite place in the Whole Wide World!! So here is a pictorial tour of The Catio. First, a little history. (I'm a teacher: I cram history into everything!) When we bought this house...