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climbing people

  1. themodifieddoll

    Pooping Problems [Among Others]

    So I've had my sphynx kitten around two months now, and up until recently there have been little to no issues with her But a few days ago, she actually pooped on my roommate while she was holding her, and while cleaning her litter box this morning, I found feces on the wall near her box - I'm...
  2. D

    Sphynx jumping on furniture and climbing people - how to stop this

    I don't know how to get my baby (3 month old) Sphynx, Donut, to stop doing these things, please help!! She'll climb on the kitchen counter and lick all the dishes and countertop which is EXTREMELY unsanitary what with her bathroom habits (she'll walk around with her crap all over her paws). I...