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coat color

  1. MomosMom

    Help Deciding Color?

    Hi everyone. My boyfriend and I recently got our first hairless baby and have been arguing ever since about what color he is. The first photo is from his breeder. He obviously is some sort of point; his nose, tail, and ears, almost seem blue or black to me but then his paw pads are...
  2. Mercy

    What color is my new baby? 4 Month Old Spyhnx :)

    Hi, This is Ysera Von Bunnings Snag (Ysera). She's 4 months old approximately, is missing 1" off her tail and is very sweet regardless. What colour is she actually?
  3. pashtcat

    Not sure how to determine Sphynx color. Help?

    I've had my boy Puddin' for six months now. When I brought him home, he was a lovely golden color with a white blaze on his nose, and a pink belly. As he's aged, his color has changed ... and I'm not sure what to classify him as. He has darkened, and developed stripes on his legs. His ears do...