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coat coloring

  1. Monica


    Hello all! I thought it’d be fun for everyone to send before and afters (kitten vs adult pictures) of their not-so-fur-babies! I’m curious to see how much changes from kittenhood to a mature sphynx! Obviously, being a proper, overly excited baby-mama-to-be, I googled this topic, but could not...
  2. Mercy

    What color is my new baby? 4 Month Old Spyhnx :)

    Hi, This is Ysera Von Bunnings Snag (Ysera). She's 4 months old approximately, is missing 1" off her tail and is very sweet regardless. What colour is she actually?
  3. NewMama

    Fungus, ringworm, or what?!

    I can't find my Post from several days ago. I'm a new sphynx mama to Pharoah. He is about 4 years old. I emailed a breeder asking what is going on with his coat and she said ringworm. I have three Young children and no money for a vet. All input appreciated tremendously, and thanks you to the...