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  1. L

    What color and pattern would my Sphynx be considered?

    Just curious of what her pattern and color would be considered this is my baby bubbles
  2. Lperrx


    What color is my Spynx
  3. S

    Sphynx color

    I tried very hard to look at the color guide and I honestly just feel stuupid for not being able to figure it out, so I’m hoping you all can help me What coloring would you consider my baby to have? From research when I was first bringing them home I was thinking lavender? But I’m not really sure.
  4. Natka58

    Color identification

    What color is this little guy? He was born thermal. Up to last week he looked lilac, not sure anymore. There is a hint of red. Mom gray, dad seal mink bicolor.
  5. WrinkleInTime

    Red Sphynx Colors.

    Hello! We are getting our first Sphynx baby at the end of march! Babies were born on November 24th :love: .We are trying to decide which baby is for us, the breeder will send individual photos in a couple days. There is one Red male, and all his siblings are black! His mom is a tortie and she...
  6. Screenshot_2019-08-11-17-02-56.png


    Asti crying she needed a mommy and it worked she got me to buy her few days later
  7. SphynxCatCarl

    What color is this kitten?

    What color do you guys think my kitten is? He looks like a gray color and I'm trying to figure out what the actual color is called? Also, would anyone be able to guess what his eye color will end up being? He nose is brown and his toe beans are pink
  8. KruegerandSimba


    Hello everyone. Can anyone help me with the names of the colouring of my sphynx babies?
  9. CatLadyForLife

    What color would this kitten be called?

    Hi again! This is my 2nd post... I’m trying to decide between 2 kittens and would love some help identifying what the coloration is! Here’s a photo of her :)
  10. OJC

    Breeders - what color is this wee girl?

    We had three babies born 12.5 weeks ago. The boy was definitely black when he arrived, one lilac girl and the other girl a warm dark gray color with stripes, almost like a tabby (which I read blue's look like when born). As the boy grew he became lighter in color so now he's the same shade as...
  11. BaldJedi

    First Sphynx purchase question

    Hello! We are soon to be Sphynx owners. We are so excited and have been waiting months! We are first on the waitlist. From what I gather the parents are healthy but do not have genetic screening and health guarentees for offspring. The kittens will not be papered but will come with vaccines and...
  12. AnjyMonster

    Color change from kitten to adult...

    I've typed the first sentence of this thread about a dozen times, not quite sure how to start it, so here goes... I have 2 black Sphynx kittens coming home in a few weeks, and in the photos I've been sent, they just look grey... I'm honestly just ignorant about a lot things Sphynx, one being...
  13. Shannonartsy

    New to sphynx kitten questions

    Hello my name is Shannon and my boyfriend and I just recently put a deposit down on a beautiful 4wk old girl. Obviously we can't bring her home for a few weeks but I am curious about her markings and that she is quite fuzzy ( a lot more than I expected) her parents are Canadian sphynx and I got...
  14. chelrue

    Kittens Eye Color.

    Hello! I am a Sphynx mom of 2 but recently my oldest has past away. And we are waiting on the arrival of our new baby,Steve. My question is about her eyes the breeder who has her sent me a picture of her today and I have never seen eye like this before. Is this just a transition stage to green...
  15. Retro Kitty

    Sphynx Color Q&A

    I am by no means an expert on anything but I do find genetics very interesting and have done a ton of research on sphynx colors and patterns. I thought it might be helpful to have a thread where people can ask their color questions and we can try to figure out the answers as a group. Hopefully...