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  1. Heidiho

    Looking for a Lil Yoda in CO

    Hi everyone! My Colorado family and I are looking to adopt/provide a forever home for lil naked baby. My 16 yr old daughter has committed to providing a warm bed, and I’m happy to knit longneck sweaters for days as it can get cold here when the snow flies. ; ) Plus, we have lots of love and...
  2. Jx Yeomans

    Looking to adopt Co.

    Hello, We are looking to adopt or rescue in Colorado.
  3. A

    ISO Sphynx kitten in or around Nebraska

    I have one cat already and live with a roommate who loves cats as well. Willing to drive!
  4. Lumi

    In CO looking for my first Sphynx kitten!

    Hello all, I was referred to this awesome forum by a friend of mine! My husband and I just settled down, bought a house, and are finally ready for our dream kitty. We have both wanted a Sphynx from a young age and are eager to add a little one to our family! We have no children, one other kitty...