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constant meowing

  1. F

    Non-stop meowing

    Hi all! Ok so, this will be a longer post so I can introduce you to Zack and our problem. Zack is a peterbald sphynx, he is 14 years old and hasn't been neutered. Zack was always a talker, semi-loud but usually sleeping at night and rarely creating a fuss. His usual loud meowing would happen...
  2. Frankieyates

    Help! Noisy boy

    My partner and I got our first sphynx kitten Sid on Saturday. He’s such a snuggly loving baby but he is so so loud. He screams constantly throughout the day while my partner is working (he works from home) but even when he’s in the same room, he doesn’t get any comfort from being close and will...
  3. suzfoote

    Constant meowing.. I'm at my wits end!

    Hey guys! I haven't posted in a while. About a month ago we added another kitten to our family.. so now we have Billie (about 7 month old female), and McNulty (3.5 month old male). Billie has always been very vocal, but would always calm down and chill out for bedtime, and come right to bed. Now...