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  1. Raphael Grupilo

    My sphynx kitten was delivered with some health problems

    Hello! I've purchased a little sphynx kitten from a very good cattery, run by very responsible owners. However, within the 3 months the kitten has been with me I've found out that it has giardiasis, coronavirus and likely herpesvirus/calicivirus. He has nothing but some sneezing and creamy...
  2. MajikkuMachida

    Need a Sphynx Specialist in CoronaVirus In South Florida

    Hello All! My 1 year old sphynx kitten was recently diagnosed with CoronaVirus. I am waiting on more test results to pick up the paper work. I am looking for a specialist that can help my kitty. Sadly I looked up the breeder that I purchased my sphynx from and I found two reviews from the time...
  3. AshJoJo

    Wet FIP

    Hi everyone, we lost our little Laila bug to FIP three weeks ago. We miss her dearly and I've asked on a few other sites about the amount of time we should wait to bring a new baby into the house. It was wet FIP and we have cleaned up and thrown out all of the toys, litter box, food dishes and...