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  1. R

    Help! What do you think this cough is?

    My Sphynx (Wren) has been recently “coughing” or “wheezing” periodically - I would say a few times a week for the last 2 weeks. I’m hoping it’s asthma or some respiratory infection, but, fearful it could be HCM? She has a vet appt in two days and I’ll show the video. Anything specific I should...
  2. mochiwhitegirl

    New adult with signs of infection

    I adopted an adult female sphynx just yesterday and she is a lovable doll. However, she's been keeping sneezing, snoring, and having discharges from her eyes and nose. She's showing her third eyelid and I'm not sure is that a sign of infection or she's just asleep. To me, she seems like...
  3. Eliz Eleven

    Coughing - hacking

    Hi everyone- so we have had a rough few months. We brought home Lola- she was sicker than the breeder let on- Eye Infection. URI, Giardia - but we got her healthy and thriving. On the other hand, poor Eleven has had to deal with all the similar issues. We had to put her on a strong triple...
  4. Gabby K

    New kitty today- coughing?

    Hello All We just picked up our sphynx kitten today and he is absolutely gorgeous! Very playful since we got him, running around and feeling happy. However, on a way home - approx. 1 hour into our car journey, he started to cough. I thought it could be hiccups, but it looks more like a cough...
  5. Krameroni

    15 week old kitten coughing - HELP!

    Hi all, A few months ago I went through the loss of my kitten Benni when she was found to have contracted wet FIP. Now a few months later down the road I have a spunky new kitten, Kramer, who has 10x the energy my last kitten ever had. I noticed the first day after picking up my new kitten...
  6. MaisyMom

    6 month old Sphynx Coughing

    Hi, My kitten is coughing and I am not sure what to do. She sounds like she is trying to get up a hair ball but since they are hairless its odd. She doesnt do it all of the time, just about once a day. I heard her cough several times after eating/drinking late last night. Any ideas what...