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crazy sphynx

  1. L

    Aggressive kitten

    Pablo is nearly 7 months old, at first he was so loving and would cwtch up on my lap, the last two months he has changed and seems to be getting worse every day. He is crazy, he runs around the house, Running back and forth the room, jumping around with all four paws off the floor, climbing up...
  2. VentrellaJr

    Why Does Mussolini do this?

    Mussolini my 11 month old Does this constantly before sleeping or Periodically throughout the day . Whenever he wants anything he is extremely verbal they constantly.
  3. Monica

    Pathological Mastermind XD

    ***This is satirical portrayal of events which occurred today. For added entertainment, pour yourself a glass of wine, and drink every time you come across the word Q-Tip! :p I have definitive proof that cats, specifically my Kenzo, are pathelogical masterminds... Villains plotting to take...