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  1. N

    Large Lumps on Neck

    Hello everyone! Any ideas on what this is? A few days ago I put a very cute collar on our little Nefertiti here. Everything was fine until I woke up one morning and found these huge raw looking bumps on her neck. I immediately removed the collar. She seems fine and unbothered, still full of...
  2. Horatio

    Mysterious lump

    Hello I'm wondering if anyone knows if this could be a cyst or fatty deposit?? I'm sure it wasn't there yesterday, I'm petting Horatio constantly and I think I would have noticed it. It's on his back to the left of his left shoulder blade. We have a vet appointment tomorrow to see. The breeder...
  3. itsinmyhead

    Blue bumps on skin?

    So, I've got this little stinker who has been with us for a few years now. She's had a couple of bumps/lumps that we've had removed over the years, all of which have turned out to be totally safe/benign. She never showed any signs of being sick or anything like that, so removing them and...
  4. BluesMummy

    Cyst on my baby's neck ???

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knows what this is on my 12 week old baby's neck ?? He's been home with us for a week now & I noticed it today. It's the size of a pea & I can move it around under his skin. He's not bothered by it at all, he's eating, drinking, playing & going to the toilet fine...