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da bird

  1. Maddie

    Da Bee... Astrid's new favourite toy

    So, as some of you may know, the company that makes Da Bird make several other attachments and toys. During kitten weekend I picked up the Da Bee and a sparkler attachment. Everything was 50% off. So the Da Been comes on a short sparkle wand and has a metal string. Still has the clip on the end...
  2. Maddie

    Da Bird! A first experience for Astrid

    So I went toy shopping today, picked up a couple of the Chinese-fingertrap jumping toys and a da bird! So far Astrid loves it! So we will see how long the feathers last... I think she believes she has wings with the air she is catching to attack it! It is hilarious. Here's a picture of her...
  3. Nicolemorgan

    Favorite toys

    What is your sphynx cats favorite toy?! Loki and Gatsby are currently obsessed with the Da Bird toy with the mouse attachment. I don't know what it is about the mouse attachment but it drives them crazy. They jump super high in the air for it, and then when they do grab it, they hold on for...
  4. JenFid

    Ghost cat vs da bird!

    Ok so Mulder isn't really a ghost of course :D But he was full of energy last night so I was giving him a workout with da bird. The last pic had Nate and I cracking up. Of course my poor phone can't keep up with a leaping sphynx, so instead he turned into something ethereal looking. And...
  5. BluesMummy

    Blue & Da Bird !!!

  6. BluesMummy

    DA BIRD !!!!

    Well its finally arrived :) First impressions i thought it looked a load of rubbish, like it had come from the £shop & i'd been ripped off but how wrong was i !!! My boys are addicted, they both went crazy for da bird even Fifa whos a miserable old man most days !!! They both went nuts for it...