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  1. D

    Dark skinned sphynx with large dark spots all over?

    Hi everyone, I’m looking at getting my current sphynx/Devon mix a lifelong friend and recently saw this ad of a local sphynx pop up. She’s 2 years old and very adorable. I noticed the obvious discolouration on the skin and asked the owner what they were. They claim they’re just spots where...
  2. Rosemair

    Discoloration getting worse

    Hello, does anyone know what this discoloration is on my donskoy sphynx? Ive had her 5 years, i thought it was dirt but since using coconut oil it seems to have spread and got dramatically worse in a week! Its dominant on her neck and stomach. Please help edna!
  3. Purrfect Chaos

    Skin Chaos

    Hello from Poland everyone! This is our first post here. I know we should start in introduction section ( and we will!) but now we have a problem and we need your help! Chaos, is my 9 months, 4.25 kg black bicolor canadian sphynx, castrated male from legal cattery in Poland. He is the sweetest...
  4. kaylachristine

    Markings around butt? (graphic image)

    Hi everyone, My girl has had this marking on her butt for maybe a month or so. Just gave her a bath today, and we soaked a long time, didn’t come off. It doesn’t seem to bug her. It’s not poop. I’ve put coconut oil on it but doesn’t loosen up. Just wondering what this is. I searched the forums...
  5. Kristielllen

    Skin issues

    My cat,Igor, has had this weird rash along his spine since the day we picked him up. It started off as a small spot with red around it, and has gradually gotten worse. The vet has absolutely no idea what’s wrong, but I don’t think she is very familiar with sphynx cats to begin with. Has anybody...
  6. Lady Godiva

    Discoloration issues

    Hey Everyone, I was hoping I could get some advice. I've had Lady Godiva for 4 years and she developed this brownish mark that spreads. I took her to the doctor, and they gave me a steroid spray and it went away for a few months but then it came back and started spreading. I took her to...