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  1. DobsMom13046

    Prayers needed :,(

    By little fighter has the wet form of FIP. I'm lost and heart broken. I believe he is unable to fight this becuase of his genetics and I'm devastated. Ive only had this sweet boy for a month and I now have to decided when to let him go. :,( We are going for a second opinion before making our...
  2. DobsMom13046

    Hello New Friends

    Hello everyone! I am a 23 to Female from Illinois. My name is Cate. I am brand new to the Sphynx Mom life. This little cutie in the picture is my 3 month old Male named Dobby. He is a sweet little baby. I hope to learn and use this forum to answer all my over protective worrywort new mom...
  3. Kreacher1-0004


    My new little Kreacher... Day 1, traumatic introduction to her new home and brother, Dobby.