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  1. alandsim

    Expecting a 3yo Don Sphynx Girl and currently own a dog #prayforme

    Hi there, my name's Al, short for a girl's name :) I own a two year old husky and I will be picking up a 3 year old don sphynx mama that is retiring from a breeder next weekend.. I am feeling positive about the whole situation because: 1) My dog is well exercised and mostly sleeps when...
  2. Maddie

    What do you feed your dogs?

    So, Chappie has never been a big eater, but we got him on nutrience sub zero kibble. Guess what company changed the kibble size and made it bigger? Guess which dog won't eat it anymore? Lol we have tried all the nutrience pretty much, and the acana that he can eat. And nothing. Right now we...
  3. kdmotter

    Sphynx and Ferrets

    Hi everyone! I have posted in a few threads that I found dealing with having both a sphynx and a ferret, but have not received any responses back, so I thought I'd try starting a new thread. Please delete this if it's not allowed! Anyway, I have a five year old ferret who is 99% free roam (she...
  4. Jeff Mahady

    Sphynx with Dogs

    I currently have two sphinx now, a male and female that love each other. My wife and I were thinking of bringing a dog into the family and I was wondering about breeds that mix well with cats. Do any of you have dogs with your cats and if so how's it going and what breed do you have? thanks, Jeff
  5. BusterTheCat

    Doggy Visit

    My boyfriend's dog came over to visit because BF wants to get a cat and had to make sure his dog was alright being around them. He passed the test! And Buster was happy to make a new friend
  6. Amy31

    Chinese crested help!

    Hey guys, I know this isn't sphynx related but I just need to ask for help! I've come home and my mums Chinese crested is covered in red spots, like blood blisters all over him! Has anyone got any clue what it could be!? I'll take him to the vets but Im worried sorry again, didn't know who else...
  7. KelseaLoren

    Dog losing his best friend

    This is kind of a sad topic, but I need some advice. My dog Sam has a best friend who is very ill, the golden retriever next door, Coach. Coach is probably only going to make it a couple more weeks, and I know that Sam is going to be devastated. Coach is too sick to go on walks, but Sam will...
  8. KelseaLoren

    Introducing my Sphynx to my dog? Help XD

    I am not getting my baby until May, but I have been trying to figure out everything in advanced. I was wondering how I should introduce Oliver to my dog, Sam. I would know what to do if I was introducing Sam to a puppy, and for some reason in my mind a puppy is a little more hardy and would be...
  9. ElinOline

    Brought Mika to the vet today... :)

    Hello everyone! :) Just thought I would give you a small update, and pictures!! We've almost had Mika for a month now! (The time has gone so fast!) She is doing great! A happy little kitten :) She doesnt complain when we go to work anymore either, and she greets me when I get home from work...