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don sphynx

  1. ameliabalcom

    “alone time”

    okay so normas doing fabulous and flaunting her crazy personality more and more every day! my only problem is i feel awful that we have to leave her alone at times i work 10-4:30 my boyfriend works 4:00-10 so the most shes ever alone is really like an hour and a half even when i do my things...
  2. Monica

    Donskoy, Don Sphynx, Russian Sphynx?!?

    Hey Lairians! Does anyone have any experience with Donskoy, aka Russian Sphynx, that can share with me? The resources for that breed are slimmer than for the Canadians! We are searching/waiting for a female sphynx to join our tribe. I’m entertaining the idea of her being a Don Sphynx, however...
  3. CookieCountess

    Saphira - A little bit Russian, a little bit Canadian (Don Sphynx and Canadian Sphynx mix)

    Hello, I'm Safira (Safi), my mum is a rubber bald Donskoy, but my dad is a Canadian sphynx. I really don't know what I am since there aren't a lot of cats like me. I look more like a Don, I have almond shaped eyes, and a tiny amount of fur which I guess will fall off. I look like other Donskoy...