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  1. Zyra

    Kitty on thirst strike! (secretly proud of my lil activist - just wish I knew what he's protesting)

    Hi, all! Back again for more of your amazing advice and assurance. As always, I have typed keywords from my query into search and no similar threads came up - but sorry if this is a repost! I have had Neech for just over a month now. He's the best. We moved into my parent's not too long ago (I...
  2. Princesse Peche

    Toilet trained cat!

    Hi, do any of you have toilet trained their cat? I notice something quite amusing this week, my cat has been toilet trained for 3 years now and I think she "understand" the concept of it... The concept of flushing. She started drinking from the toilet (wich is common I think) but of course only...