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  1. Seamoresdad

    Dark spotting help

    These spots started to appear just recently and I was curious if this is normal spotting, tough dirt, or something worse. He is a 7 month old dwelf and I bathe him once every week and half with baby wipes and coconut oil in between baths. These spots have not gone away with any scrubbing and is...
  2. Pd3383

    Happy and healthy

    I wanted to share some pics of wrinkle, my sons adopted dwelf baby. She was born with eye issues so the breeder rehomed her to my sister and son. My sister runs an animal hospital in North Carolina and had the ability to care for her needs. Shes growing into a sweet cuddle monster.
  3. TheNakedTs

    Yeast Infection problems

    Hi guys! So a little while after I got my two girls (they are born in November, and I got them when they were three months old), I started to notice that Tina's skin was a lot bumpier than her sister's. She also seemed to get "dirty" quicker, in fact the day after a bath she would look dirtier...
  4. TheNakedTs

    New to the community

    Hi! I'm Lucie, born in the UK although I now live in Norway :) My two little girls are Tara and Tina, half sisters from a lovely Scottish lady who also happens to live in Norway. They are not actually Sphynxs - their father is an Elf cat, while Tara's mother is a Bambino and Tina's a Dwelf...