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ear cleaning

  1. Good Juju

    Ear mites, ear infection, or normal?

    Hi everyone! My little 8 month girl has had itchy ears with wax going all over the place as she scratches her ears with her nails. Sometimes she causes red marks to her face, and most of the time, she has wax on and around her ears and neck. I clean them every few days or once a week. I used to...
  2. Prince Anubis

    "Tea tree oil ear wash"

    hello I recently bought a new ear wash for my babies, but I don't want to use it without asking if anybody has ever tried this product before? Or if I should not use it? It's Tea Tree Oil ear wash from Naturevet. I read good reviews on it but I would still like to ask before I expose babies to it.
  3. Jacks153

    100% Organic Soap For Sphynx

    Hello fellow "Owned By Sphynx Humans "I wanted to introduce myself & let everyone know about our complete Sphynx line for the Sphynx breed that is 100% organic and used by well known breeders in California . Works amazing ! No harsh chemicals or words you can't pronounce . This breed has...
  4. JenFid

    Mulder's dirty ear!

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping you can help me figure out what might be going on with one of Mulder's ears! His right one, specifically. It's quite strange really...his left ear, I think I've maybe cleaned twice since I got him. It is always sparkling clean, no joke! I thought maybe it was Ponzu...
  5. Amy31

    Ear gunk

    i took my little one for ear cleaning at the vets this morning, just checked and his ears are filthy again! Except now he won't let me go near them unlike before when I would regulary clean his ears with no problem..I was hoping this would last a it longer! Does anyone else's baby ears build up...
  6. oslosphynx

    ear cleaning HELP!

    Anyone have great tips about cleaning ears? Im going out of my mind!!! I have tried q-tips, wet napkins, cotton pads, ear drops... Problem is I can't get in. I get to clean the part of the ear where my finger can get to, but I see the black sh** in there and I can't get to it. o_O Tokyo is...