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  1. Kotonok

    Behavior Change Due to Health Problems?

    Hello all my cool Feline lovers! I was hoping for some advice. So doing some digging on here I realized Migi’s (the cat in question) bumps could be due to some allergies which is tricky to pin down. So far they only really appear on his front paws/ on one side on the ear opening like in the...
  2. Frankieyates

    Sphynx ear redness?

    I haven’t noticed Sid scratching his ears more than normal, but I’ve noticed a couple of red patches inside his ears. They don’t look too sore and they’re probably just from scratching (he’s due an early clean and bath today) but I just wondered if anyone has seen anything like this before? My...
  3. smokeysphynx

    Long Lasting Ear Infection - Help!

    Hi Sphynx Community, I am looking for help or guidance regarding a long-term ear issue that my 2 year old Sphynx is dealing with. We first noticed yellow and black discharge when we were cleaning his ears in late September. I took him to the vet and she put him on Baytril drops. Those were...
  4. Amy31

    Ear gunk

    i took my little one for ear cleaning at the vets this morning, just checked and his ears are filthy again! Except now he won't let me go near them unlike before when I would regulary clean his ears with no problem..I was hoping this would last a it longer! Does anyone else's baby ears build up...
  5. illhyhl

    rash behind ear?

    my cat has a rash behind her left ear. it looks like she rubbed it raw and there is pus. i am taking her to the vet tomorrow, but i'm wondering if anyone knows what she has and if there is anything i can do right now to treat it. i've attached some photos of it.
  6. admin

    Cleaning Sphynx Cat ears.

    Cleaning ears Why do I need to clean my Sphynx cat's ears? Sphynx cats have more ear wax than most cats because they have little or no hair in their ears, so dirt, skin oils, and ear wax accumulate more frequently, the wax or dirt build up is usually brown to black in color. Sphynx cats ears...