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  1. Amy31


    hey guys sorry to be a pest but I need your help! I know some of you voted for lucifer in his Easter comp so thank you! But he's now got some stuff competition from some chickens! My posts don't seem to reach many people so could you all if its not to much trouble please tag some members in this...
  2. Hairless Blessing

    Easter weekend

    As, a born again, Christian, this, is, a very important, 3 day weekend, for me. I, Love the Lord and appreciate, everything, he went through, so, I, could make heaven my home. He, is my, best friend. Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.
  3. Amy31

    Easter comp!

    hey guys! Any of you who have a spare minute and Facebook would you mind voting for lucifer In my local vets comp! He hasn't much competition so far but it's all in fun :p if you log in with Facebook and click on the photo contest his pic should come up, thank you...