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  1. MeadowThorne

    How much to feed a 6 month old sphynx?

    I feed dry iams kitten food morning meal then kitten dry and can fancy feast kitten chow. I feel André is getting a gut. I give 1/4 cup am n 1/8 night with 1 1/2is can pm.
  2. Tzaphkiel

    4m m kitten eating super fast : normal food quantities ?

    Hello everyone, my Natsu is doing fantastically well, cheeky bugger playing with the dogs like there is no tomorrow. He eats his meals, ... well gobbles them up (chicken, minced meat, beaf liver ...) actually and I'm wondering what normal quantities for the age are for this breed. Currently...
  3. Maddie

    Tricks For Getting Kitties To Eat Wet Food

    So, the vet wants Astrid to eat wet food 1-2 times a week just incase she ever has kidney problems and that is all she can eat. He's had too many cats refusing to eat so he rather get all kitties used to it just to be safe. I have tried three different meats so far (salmon, venison and...
  4. dodocats

    Adorable hungry puppy video

    Watch this little cute hungry puppy eating milk happily adorable dogs video pet lovers you will like it Hope you will love it :D
  5. Arichelic

    Kitten not eating enough?

    Hi all! Been a lurker for a while and about 4 weeks ago my fiance and I finally got our kitten! His name is Virokketh (Viro for short) and he's my precious blue prince. I love him so much! I do have some concerns though. He's 17 weeks old but I fear he's not eating enough. He was 3.5 lbs when he...
  6. MissLadyK

    Scratching and some other things

    Hey hello, I have had my rescued sphynx Mozy for about a week now. He is settling great, really acting like a cat, running around playing and of course lots and lots of cuddles. He is very clumsy, is that a normal sphynx thing? Haha, any who for the real questions. He has been scratching his...
  7. Novie

    Baby possibly over-eating?

    Hello! I'm new to the site, and fairly new to owning a sphynx (we've only had our girl for about a year now!) so I might be completely off-base, in which case forgive me! Now we have two cats, a domestic short hair and our sphynx, but lately, our hairless baby's been eating all the food out of...
  8. Lynae

    My sphynx is eating her cat litter!!!!!

    I bought new dust free cat litter and my kitten won't stop eating it!!!!!
  9. Leigh

    Rehomed 1.5 yr old Sphynx transitioning hard… HELP!

    I'm struggling with my new loves transition! I just brought my baby home from his previous home on Tuesday. The first night he was doing really well, using his litter box as well as drinking lots of water however he didn't eat much. Since then, I find he is still using the littler box and...