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elf kitten

  1. AnneBosnjak

    New skinfant parent member!

    Hello! I’m new here (obviously). I am Picking up my elf/bambino kitten in two days. I am So excited! Her breeder says she is a bi-color calico (not sure what that means). This is Rook!
  2. I can't handle his cuteness

    I can't handle his cuteness

    Toluca is the sweetest boy. I've only had him for 3 days but it feels like I've known him my whole life because he is just so snuggly and comfortable already! I can't believe it. He is hilarious too. Thank you God for blessing me with this angel.
  3. LuckyNo21

    Still can't figure out her name

    So I have had my new baby since late Friday night and am stuck between two names. I need to hurry up and decide so she can learn her name and we can register her microchip and get a pet tag. At first we were going to name her Nala thinking she looked like a little Nala lion, then once I got her...
  4. LuckyNo21

    Our new baby finally came home last night!

    I fell in love immediately! She is 13 weeks and just the sweetest little girl ever, already loving and rubbing all over us. We are still deciding between 2 names, but here she is!
  5. LuckyNo21

    Soon-To-Be First Time Sphynx Owner!

    Hello everyone. I'm so excited to say I will soon finally be a proud Sphynx owner! I figured I ought to join the forum in the meantime. I've wanted a hairless my whole life and finally pulled the trigger. I was lucky enough to get chosen for an adorable Seal & White Elf Sphynx girl that we...
  6. oolahappi

    Baby Blue Elf

    Introducing 13 week old Iggy! Luckily, resident cat Oolie quickly accepted him. She follows him around and licks his butt with some intermittent hissing and growling.
  7. oolahappi

    Oops, I did it again...

    I'm getting my Sphynx girl a little boyfriend! He's technically an ELF, but still naked, so hopefully he will be accepted by the Sphynx community! Gotcha date not until mid-July, so plenty of time to think up a fitting name. If anyone here has an ELF, say Hi!
  8. @kingkenzobare_


    Kenzo decided he wanted to try out elf life this morning.