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  1. AnneBosnjak

    Rook updates!!

    So I asked A question in the question forum awhile back about wipe downs for my kitten. After realizing that the reusable solution for the wipes I was Using had coconut in them I stopped using them and actually switched to the wipes in the photos below! I figured that if the wipes worked to take...
  2. B

    Too much hair?

    Hello my dears, I just discovered this amazing platform. I got a 3 month old Canadian Sphynx and Elf Sphynx kitten but she has too much hair for a Sphynx. Her brothers and sister didn't have much hair (only peach coat) but mine has hair on her back, paws, tail and head. Here are the photos for...
  3. LuckyNo21

    Soon-To-Be First Time Sphynx Owner!

    Hello everyone. I'm so excited to say I will soon finally be a proud Sphynx owner! I figured I ought to join the forum in the meantime. I've wanted a hairless my whole life and finally pulled the trigger. I was lucky enough to get chosen for an adorable Seal & White Elf Sphynx girl that we...
  4. Rhaevin

    Introducing Malakai the Nekkid Guy!

    I’ve been stalking the Sphynx Lair for a couple months now and thought it was high time Mal and I officially joined. I’m a first time Sphynx mom, and Malakai is my emotional support animal. His predecessor was a special needs Siamese. I’m never sure who rescued who, but when she tragically...
  5. oolahappi

    Baby Blue Elf

    Introducing 13 week old Iggy! Luckily, resident cat Oolie quickly accepted him. She follows him around and licks his butt with some intermittent hissing and growling.
  6. oolahappi

    Oops, I did it again...

    I'm getting my Sphynx girl a little boyfriend! He's technically an ELF, but still naked, so hopefully he will be accepted by the Sphynx community! Gotcha date not until mid-July, so plenty of time to think up a fitting name. If anyone here has an ELF, say Hi!
  7. 65B606B9-1BD3-4404-866B-B4B8107C2F96.jpeg


    Doing everything possible that everyone knows I’m here
  8. @kingkenzobare_


    Kenzo decided he wanted to try out elf life this morning.
  9. Jedmo

    New Elf Momma

    Hi, I am so excited to be here! I have always wanted a Sphynx and I finally have one! She is a silver lilac elf and the absolute love of our house. We already had a tortie and she was an interesting addition but it's nothing but pure love now.
  10. TheNakedTs

    Yeast Infection problems

    Hi guys! So a little while after I got my two girls (they are born in November, and I got them when they were three months old), I started to notice that Tina's skin was a lot bumpier than her sister's. She also seemed to get "dirty" quicker, in fact the day after a bath she would look dirtier...
  11. TheNakedTs

    New to the community

    Hi! I'm Lucie, born in the UK although I now live in Norway :) My two little girls are Tara and Tina, half sisters from a lovely Scottish lady who also happens to live in Norway. They are not actually Sphynxs - their father is an Elf cat, while Tara's mother is a Bambino and Tina's a Dwelf...
  12. Mariah Joubert

    Need a fun name for my new baby

    She's 5 weeks now. so it will a while before i get her but i want a really fun an unique name for her!
  13. D

    Elfie died - in loving memory

    Hi all, my little Elf Sphynx, Elfie passed away this morning. A food pellet got stuck in his throat - vet called it a freak accident. He breathed in the pellet while eating. He was only 1 year 9 months old. I am crying non stop. He as such a kind little soul, friendly playful and crazy about me...
  14. Christmas Angel

    Christmas Angel

  15. paxxon's first christmas

    paxxon's first christmas

    house elf
  16. x0jules0x

    Elf?... just curious

    Hey Everyone! So before I had picked out my little girl, I shopped around for breeders and found one that had ELFS!.... wtf are elves I was thinking.. anyway, the breeder showed me and although they were just as cute there was just something not right..... So, now im just curious to see what...