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experience with adoption

  1. A

    Rehoming our Russian Peterbald named Peach - NYC - is human toilet trained but has minor health issues.

    Peach is extremely affectionate and wants cuddles all day long if it was up to him. He also dreams of playing outdoors to hunt birds and chipmunks (he has only had a few opportunities to do so due to safety) and he also loves to sunbathe. He has learned a lot of sentences like “Peach are you...
  2. MissLadyK

    Tell me about your experience with adoption/rescue, please

    Hello Hello, I was just curious as to who has adopted adult sphynx cats, and your experience with them settling in? Was the cat a rescue? How long did it take for them to settle in? Is their trouble now and again from their past? Were they a breeder and fixed then retired? What was their past...