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eye color

  1. Andre at Astis birthday hula party

    Andre at Astis birthday hula party

  2. Monica

    What is your fav sphynx eye color?

    Fun Fact: All eye & coat colors are permitted per Breed Standard for Canadian Sphynx! (Excluding colors/patterns that are defined by the degree of color on the hair shaft.) Many pedigree breeds are limited to a select few eye & coat colors or patterns. However, the Canadian Sphynx standard...
  3. @kingkenzobare_


  4. @kingkenzobare_


  5. Monica


    Hello all! I thought it’d be fun for everyone to send before and afters (kitten vs adult pictures) of their not-so-fur-babies! I’m curious to see how much changes from kittenhood to a mature sphynx! Obviously, being a proper, overly excited baby-mama-to-be, I googled this topic, but could not...