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eye inflammation

  1. MisBlinkyPopeye

    Corneal Ulcer? Help!

    My 4 month old Sphynx, Nala, who I’ve had for 2 weeks started to develop a cloudiness over her eye with a translucent dot in the center of her cornea. It didn’t seem to bother her until the other night I found her bleeding f her left eye. I thought it could be a scratch. I got the bleeding to...
  2. Izidora

    Dry eyes / meibomian gland dysfunction

    llo everyone, I wanted to ask about a certain condition and have any of you had experience with it. My cat is squinting from his birth. On our first vet check up and after Schirmer's test, they found out his eyes are dry and do not produce enough moisture. we were given artificial tears. we also...