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eye issues

  1. themodifieddoll

    I'm scared

    I woke up this morning and something was wrong with Godiva's right eye It looks like a film has formed over her entire eye, including her pupil and I can't get her in to see a vet [I've been calling around since 7am and the earliest anyone could see her is the 28th] Could she have hurt herself...
  2. Essiemysphynx

    Love my sphynx!

    Hi everyone! Love looking at everyone's babies. My girl is the best. She is my first Sphynx and won't be the last if something ever happens to her (never want this to happen). Her name is Esmeralda we call her Essie for short. Recently she had a scratch on her eye. We got meds for it and it...
  3. Kat Mannix

    Under eyes looked burned

    I just got my Sphynx kitten a week ago. He's been perfectly healthy. This morning he woke up with under his eyes red and looking burned. I'm not sure what happened. Any help would be great! Thanks Kat
  4. Jasmine

    Advice on L-Lysine

    Hiya, I'm hoping i can get some advice on L-Lysine as i am a new spyhnx owner and feel it could help out my little girl. My kitten Khaleesi had an eye infection when i first got her and the vet gave me some eye drops to help clear it up as it was quite bad. The eye drops have definitely done...
  5. Bindiandpumpkin

    Eye help needed!

    I have had my two sphynx babies for just over a week. I've noticed clear liquid from their eyes which I know is normal, but one of them now has a swollen eye... At least I think it is swollen is not red or bulging out and there isn't any nasty coloured pus but it looks almost half closed? Should...
  6. robin

    Eye has white spot ...

    Our new Sphynx had a white spot on her eye when we bought her. Yes from a breeder in California...she had papers and shots both parents were TICA and no known illness. We took her to vet get 2nd set shots and check eye out. They said what all vets say ...it could be herpes ...so did check swab...