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feeding raw

  1. JenniSaysMeow

    Primal Raw Rabbit Nuggets serving size?

    Hello!!! I am feeding Primal raw nuggets rabbit and I was wondering if anyone else uses this and what serving size you use. My girl is right around 5lbs (she's very petite) and it says for her weight to do 2-3 nuggets a day. Right now, I am at 6 and she still begs and screams for food. I'm a...
  2. Bindiandpumpkin

    Diet help

    Hi there, Wondering if anyone can help. I've always fed my babies fresh boiled meat and fish or tinned fish I spring water as recommended by the breeder. They have royal canin biscuits which they've always had so nothing has changed. Sometimes they get bouts of diarrhea which they stand in and...
  3. PetitePuce

    kitten got sick eating chicken neck

    Kojak has been eating a raw diet for several weeks now and adapted to the change in diet with no problems. I'm using Better in the raw and a high-end ground turkey as well as ground chicken from time-to-time. My dinner plans this evening involves roasting a chicken. I thought this would be a...