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feeding separate

  1. beccerzz11

    questions about a new sphynx

    I just have a few questions as a first time mom! 1. Is there ANY air freshener that is non-toxic to these babies? 2. Currently he is being free fed solid gold grain free high protein so he has food throughout the day and then is being given 2x a day Darwin’s natural pet food raw chicken. Is...
  2. carly gail

    Eating each other's food, getting SICK!

    Help! I am at such a loss. My roommate's kitty and my sphynx kitten are great friends, however they keep eating each other's food. My roommate buys really bad dollar-store cat food, and Baldwin ofcourse is eating special food for sensitive digestive systems. He vomits atleast once a week now...
  3. ldlewis45

    Question for those of you with an older cat and a kitten.

    Gotcha-Day for my baby isn't until the end of July, but I'm trying to prepare now. I've got an older cat (8ish, not sure because he was an adult when I adopted him), so I'm trying to figure out how the feeding situation is going to work. Right now, he gets a scoop of dry food when I go to bed...