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  1. Ramses2021

    Correct levels of proteins in the blood of our sphynx

    Hello guys. A pleasure to greet you. I'm writing to know if any vet or someone who has recently had blood tests on their kitten, can you tell me what the normal values of total proteins are. In the case of my kitty, he has 8.1g of total protein in his blood. I hope you guys can help me because I...
  2. DobsMom13046

    Prayers needed :,(

    By little fighter has the wet form of FIP. I'm lost and heart broken. I believe he is unable to fight this becuase of his genetics and I'm devastated. Ive only had this sweet boy for a month and I now have to decided when to let him go. :,( We are going for a second opinion before making our...
  3. New kittens since Wolfgang's passing

    New kittens since Wolfgang's passing

    Since Wolfgang passed from FIP a month ago, my partner and I have been absolutely devastated but we're moving on and getting 2 beautiful brothers in honor of him. Our gotcha day is the 29th of May and we're extremely excited IG: @ludwigandsabbath
  4. Wolfgang

    Goodnight, sweet Wolfgang. 14/03/17

    We only had you just over a month but you turned our world upside down for the better. We fell so deeply in love with you and now we look back, we can see that you were ill from the start. FIP ripped you away from us and it truly was the most horrible thing we've ever had to go through but we're...
  5. Cinderstar95

    Kitten health question?

    Hello! I have a four and a half month old red tabby girl named Arora. She is a very busy little girl and I am certain that I am posting this in part of an over reaction, but what what could be indicated by hind leg shaking? She often shakes her back legs like she has something stuck on her...
  6. vengasejanis

    Please send Janis some positive vibes!

    I've only ever posted in here once since adopting my sweet baby Janis in July 2015 because I've been so busy taking her to vets and specialists. Janis will be 9 months old at the end of this month, but ever since adopting her she has struggled with her health. Prior to adopting her, she was...
  7. AshJoJo

    Wet FIP

    Hi everyone, we lost our little Laila bug to FIP three weeks ago. We miss her dearly and I've asked on a few other sites about the amount of time we should wait to bring a new baby into the house. It was wet FIP and we have cleaned up and thrown out all of the toys, litter box, food dishes and...
  8. Amy31


    hey guys, although he wasn't a Sphynx, I just thought I'd share my little baby Conrad who I lost to FIP, he was the most lovely cat in the world, although we lost him a few years ago it still saddens me he was snatched away so soon, I think him and Lucifer would of made the best of friends!!
  9. leah jilton

    Pot Belly

    My little Nigel has me worried. This past weekend he went and stayed at the breeders house because I was going out of town and he was supposed to get nuetered. My boyfriend picked him up yesterday. When I got home I was shocked. His belly has gotten very big. He is still pooping and eating and...
  10. amhoneyliz

    Help! Possible felv symptoms

    Hi everybody. I was wondering if anybpdy could shed some light on some issues my baby is having. She has some back leg twitching where she lifts her leg and shakes while she walks. She also will shake her head after visciously pawing at her eyes or ears. She has wattery eyes and shows her third...
  11. nudebea

    Hi there .....

    Hello everyone ,finally figured how to start on this brilliant forum after months of reading stories, laughing, and crying sometimes at your experiences. Ive got two babies. Wilson whos 10 months and a gorgeous mink seal point, and Kiwi whos 7 months and a beautiful little Calico. Im really...
  12. Loosafur

    Herpes? Or? Help.

    Hi everybody. About 6 weeks a go I got to bring home my baby loosafur. Two weeks before we picked him up we got a call from the breeder saying he had a runny eye. We pushed back the day to pick him up hoping he would get better. We decided to pick him up and his eye looked bad. The breeder said...
  13. jessica and paul

    Feline infection peritonitis awareness

    My sphynx cat sadly passed away yesterday he died from F.I.P please be aware of the signs as we have been though a difficult week trying to figure what it is at an expensive cost and a loss of a precious baby. On monday Halo was being sick a lot, although he seemed ok in himself On tuesday he...