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first post

  1. R

    Newcomer here with a question

    Hi guys, hope you're all well. So, I've recently moved into a new place by myself and had been thinking about getting a cat for a while, there's plenty of space but I like to do a lot of research, I did a few "What kind of cat should I get?" compatibility tests and Sphynx came back every time...
  2. Emily Ahrendt

    New sphynx mom :)

    Hi everyone! I recently adopted a 5 year old sphynx cat named Aleister Meowly. I was introduced to this site when I was researching as much as I could about the breed. This site was very helpful to me, especially when Aleister was diagnosed with asthma a few months ago. He's doing great now with...
  3. themodifieddoll

    Pooping Problems [Among Others]

    So I've had my sphynx kitten around two months now, and up until recently there have been little to no issues with her But a few days ago, she actually pooped on my roommate while she was holding her, and while cleaning her litter box this morning, I found feces on the wall near her box - I'm...