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first time ownee

  1. Marerickson

    What to bring on gotcha day?!

    Hi all! My gotcha date ended up getting pushed back a week so I get my little girl this Thursday!! It is a 4hr car ride from the breeder's home to mine. What do you guys recommend I bring to make that ride as comfortable and easy for her as possible? I appreciate all suggestions!! Thanks :)
  2. TheBeezNiez

    Here for tips for Garçon

    I'm Meagan, I'm here because I'd never had a cat before and am a little over a month into kitten ownership. My little boy is Garçon, he's a blue eyed angel. I'm not a cat person but I am a Garçon person. Every day I'm more in love with my little monster. I'm constantly seeing sphynxlair posts...