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  1. Marerickson

    Please pray for Zhuri

    hi all! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! I just wanted to take a second to request positive vibes and prayers for Zhuri as she will be getting spayed tomorrow morning! I am a complete nervous wreck! I am absolutely making myself sick to my stomach over the thought of it and I wish I...
  2. Jynxified

    Things my Sphynx taught me.

    My wife and I had only had our Sphynx (Saphira) for six months or so, and even though we researched the breed for quite a while before getting one, we were still learning each day. One such lesson had us baffled for about a week before our Pharmacist figured it out. It started one night. The...
  3. Wyfwulf

    Spaying personality change?

    Today Sansa is getting spayed (most likely). I'm worried that it will change her personality, because even though she can be really crazy and gets into moods scratching everyone (playfully), it has grown on me and I don't want to see her any less rambunctious. Has anyone's female cat's changed...