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flaky skin

  1. Soysash

    Dry, patchy bumps on skin....has anyone seen this before?

    Hi guys, In all the beautiful pics I see of other people’s Sphynx babies I’ve never see them have skin like my Lucius. I’m wondering if anyone has every seen this before and if so, have you figured out what it is? It’s basically dry, patchy bumps that don’t seem to itch at all. Almost looks...
  2. KillerVegan

    Dry Skin

    My baby Lentil is under a year old and up until the last 10 days has never had any skin issues. He is now having dry skin that flakes off in large pieces sometimes. We have applied both coconut and olive oil with moderate success. It doesn’t seem itchy to him, just sensitive. We do have a vet...