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  1. Sofia Kitty Cow

    Flying with sphynx

    Hello nudies! I have a question of frequency of flying/healthy. flights all under 4 hours 1st flight march- unmedicated, antsy, nervous, apparent hyperventilation 2nd flight may/3rf flight july- both medicated (gabapantin), drowsy ish, sleep but some disturbance and moderate hyperventilation...
  2. Maddie

    Flight Time ✈️️ taking my sphynx on a plane

    Hi! Thought I'd post my first flight experience with Astrid for others to reference. This will be the first of many flights so I will keep updating if need be. If you have any questions just ask. :) So let's break this down: Carrier: SHERPA original deluxe carrier Why This Company: They have...
  3. illhyhl

    io catches a fly

    my cat is a supreme hunter of flies.