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  1. Inu

    Any advice for a first time sphnyx owner?

    Any advice would be appreciated Thanks :D
  2. kelsheyyx

    best place to order canned food in bulk?

    i'm shopping around for bulk canned food - i buy natural balance for my kitty. anyone here have a website other than petco or amazon they like where you can order bulk food cheap?
  3. Taylor2tone

    So new and confused

    Hi everyone! So I'm love my new lil guy Bartholomew. The first couple of days he was great really relaxed and seemed great one night he really freaked out running pouncing skittish attacking everything going super crazy. I didn't know (I'm sure it might be) if this was normal for kittens or if...
  4. Taylor2tone

    New to the Sphynx Life!

    Hello, I am new to this site and also to owning a Sphynx! I will be getting my little man on Thursday and was wondering if you guys had some general tips for owning a Sphynx! I could use all the help and support I can get! I recently just got back from the pet store and purchased some beginning...
  5. Luzard

    10 week old kitten and some feeding questions!! Help!

    Hi there, my sphynx Sueda is still only 10 weeks old. I give her half of a 3 oz can of wet food every 6 hours along with a good sized portion of goat milk poured over top. Sometimes I give her milk inbetween feedings to make sure she's hydrated. I also keep a water bowl out for her just in case...
  6. jenjen2312

    Loose stools

    I got Sebastian about a month ago, the breeder had him eating purina kittnen chow, when I got him home I made the switch to acana pacifica, I mixed the food for a few days until it was just the new food, he had started with solid stools but not theyre loose, and has been that way for about a...
  7. V

    Blood in stools when not on veterinary gastrointestinal diet. What food should I buy?

    Hi so my sphinx cat was on royal canin 36 kitten and everything was great. When he past 1 yr I switched to royal canin 33 sensible, and the problems began he started to poop with blood. I took him to the vet where he gave me royal canin cat veterinary gastrointestinal, all was good and after...
  8. Sphanks


    Hey guys! So Oli has just turned one year old :) What is the deal with HCM testing...is it normal/standard to get your Sphynx tested for HCM around one year of age? If so, where does one get one of these testings? The breeder who I got him from claimed that his parents were clear of HCM but...
  9. TanyaMeaw

    I am very scared, Please HELP!!!

    I haven't been here in quite a while... And I'm sorry that I haven't been contributing to this wonderful community, i feel awful... I really need your help, advise, suggestions, anything! I think my cat might die... If you have a minute, please read my story, sorry its kinda long... My Nacho...
  10. pussiette

    Getting bored of same food ?

    Have you found that once a Sphynx reaches one year old eating habits change ? That is rather than eating all food at once might turn into a grazer ? Also not interested in the same breakfast food every day but will eat a tin of something else (which I needed to do to make sure she had...
  11. Gesundheit

    How do your cats tell you when they're hungry?

    It seems they all have their methods. Smidget chastises me every time I look at her and Nym starts licking EVERYTHING in sight. The housemate's cats go into a frenzy when we walk by the cabinet holding their kibble, though they sometimes do that a mere hour after they've been fed, the...
  12. Spoon&Sphynx

    Raw vs dry?

    My girls have been eating Merrick both dry and wet food for the past year and a half. Aside from horrible smelling poop, there have been no issues. They both love it. However, I'm having trouble finding the food now. I think there may be distributor issues? I've been considering raw or perhaps a...
  13. Elaina

    Advice on food for my 5 month old Sphynx?

    Hello! I signed up a few minutes ago, I'm Elaina and new to the lair. :) I am looking for some advice if possible please. I've had Gabbi for a week now she is 5 months old. The breeder told me her diet consists of Acana cat food and natural instincts weaning paste...
  14. JennaJoy

    Pet Store Foods

    I am brand new to this breed and I pick up my baby girl in 2 weeks. I've been attempting to do as much research as possible. I'm having a hard time deciding on a solid, healthy cat food. I cannot do a raw diet, as our lifestyle will not allow it. We travel in our RV for business and we need a...
  15. stefanie412


    I have finally decided to make the switch to raw for Bane and Fluffy. I have plenty of extra time and I have done lots of research. However, a lot of the blogs I have read seem to contradict themselves. Some say not to feed cow and pork, while others say to feed cow and pork. Then others say...
  16. Gregory The Cat

    Blue Buffalo...may not be what it says it is.

    Our local vet just shared this link with me, and I thought it was important to pass on here since I know a lot of people use Blue Buffalo BECAUSE of the ingredients. http://www.petfoodhonesty.com/thecomplaint.php#.U2qZFVd7S1j Apparently they have been found to have grains etc. that they claim...
  17. asweetnothing

    Best Cat Food?

    Last week I picked up my new sphynx kitten. After doing some research online prior to picking him up I read that he should be on a diet that is predominantly free of grain, fillers, etc. At the pet store I read a ton of ingredients in a lot of different brands and Blue Buffalo's Kitten Formula...
  18. SarahShambles

    Runny stools !!

    :depressed: My poor sphynx has suffered from a bad tummy since we got him in October! Firstly he had suffered from cat flu when we picked him up that eventually cleared up but now it's constant runny stools he's been treated for worms and any other nasty things so that's ruled out...could it be...
  19. Lickleone

    Food question

    Riley likes wet food and only wet food won't touch dry unless I disguise it inside his wet food Is it crucial that he gets dry?? He eats A lot about 5 pouches a day lol he definitely eats more then Tau did as a kitten or now that his adult lol Should I add dry to his wet or should I just...