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  1. PeppermintsDads

    31 hours by Peppermintsdads A true Story.

    The Hardest 31Hrs It was 530pm June 30th having had peppermint slip from her harness and run down the street after being spooked by the overweight black cat. My heart breaks as I chase after her and then shatter as she makes a sharp turn towards the third house down's backyard. Which in our...
  2. Natka58

    Microchip registration company

    Hello everyone, Soon to be owner here, in just a Little over 12 hours Due to the excitement can’t sleep, decided to register his microchip and there are soo many options. Who did you register your chip with and why? Cat is chipped but not registered.
  3. S

    Big problem, fleas on my sphynx!

    So I found a cat tree on Craigslist. 5ft tall, nice. We already have one but i wanted one for the backside of the house as she likes to watch birds.. Drove out to the middle of nowhere to get it Saturday Night... And now Sophia has Fleas!!!! This is the only logical place she could have...