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  1. B

    Help? Brown spots on my Sphynx

    Hey there, So I have a 5 year old Sphynx male who has recently had brown spots appearing on him within the last month. They are not raised and he does not go outside. Does anybody have an idea of what this is? I have attached pictures of the spots.
  2. raelynn

    Growing brown spots on skin

    We've had our sphynx kittens for 2 weeks almost, and they're 16 weeks old. When we got them from the breeder, they had a rash and we were given chlorhexidine shampoo to use every other day. The rash cleared up, but both cats got what looked like freckles on the darker parts of their skin (no...
  3. Eliz Eleven


    Eleven is almost 6months old. Since about 4 months, she's started to form freckles on her skin. Some are after she has a blemish, and some just form on their own. We are tending to the blemishes as much as possible, she only gets about one or two a week mostly around the ears. Vet said it was...
  4. R

    Dark spot on my Sphynx's hindquarters, very worried

    My sphynx-named Bananas-is almost 2 years old and has developed a large freckle on her hindquarters. She is white with grey/blue areas. Inside one of these grey/blue spots a freckle developed. I am really worried about it and wondered if this is something common or if anyone has any experience...
  5. BluesMummy

    Freckles/Moles ??

    So the last few weeks ive noticed the odd couple of freckles on Blues back, nothing that i have worried about i just put them down to him growing-up, but one of them behind his ear seems to have grown a bit bigger than the others & is now starting to feel a little raised, maybe even a little...