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  1. Eliz Eleven


    Eleven is almost 6months old. Since about 4 months, she's started to form freckles on her skin. Some are after she has a blemish, and some just form on their own. We are tending to the blemishes as much as possible, she only gets about one or two a week mostly around the ears. Vet said it was...
  2. R

    Dark spot on my Sphynx's hindquarters, very worried

    My sphynx-named Bananas-is almost 2 years old and has developed a large freckle on her hindquarters. She is white with grey/blue areas. Inside one of these grey/blue spots a freckle developed. I am really worried about it and wondered if this is something common or if anyone has any experience...
  3. BluesMummy

    Freckles/Moles ??

    So the last few weeks ive noticed the odd couple of freckles on Blues back, nothing that i have worried about i just put them down to him growing-up, but one of them behind his ear seems to have grown a bit bigger than the others & is now starting to feel a little raised, maybe even a little...