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good home

  1. F

    Guys I have struck a low point in my search

    Guys I really just wanna give up trying to find a sphynx. Every person that seems legit either stops contacting me or ends up being a major scam! I want a special needs, retired breeder, or an adult sphynx who I can give the best life but so far that’s been too hard! Why do people try and scam...
  2. cleverbutnot

    Looking to adopt a Female Sphynx!!

    Hey guys I am looking to adopt a Female Sphynx cat. I currently have a male sphynx who needs a little sister! I work full time at a bank and live alone so he's super lonely! I live in Colorado but I am willing to travel for the right cat. Any leads would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance...
  3. Brianna Janz

    Looking to adopt around Ohio!

    Looking to adopt a wonderful sphynx of any age, and am willing to travel within a few states to pick up. I have never owned a sphynx but have read about their health, coat, habits, and eating, and I am confident that with the help of SphynxLair forums and my vets advice I will be able to...