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grain free

  1. Sammicarkeys

    Loose Stool and Grain Free food?

    I feel like a broken record. I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing me B**ch about my cats poop. He has finished his second treatment for Giardia. I'm not convinced he even has it anymore. I'm starting to think its a food issue. So I've taken some advice from fellow larians. I'm attempting to...
  2. millie jane

    Sphynx kitten has diarrhea on grain free kibble

    Hi guys! Not sure if anyone has ever experienced this before with their sphynx, but my other fluffy cat is on grain free nutrience (for all life stages), so I decided to transition him over to this from royal canin kitten (the breeder used this so I continued to do so - thinking the grain free...
  3. Kiapi

    Wet food

    Hi All, wanted to ask what do you think is the most important thing when choosing wet food. I read online that it should be grain free but since in China is pretty impossible to find i need to buy the one import it from the US, which is way more expensive. As such before i make this...
  4. HybridSphynx

    Sphynx Food - recommendations

    I know alot of you sphynx parents like ot avoid the grain included foods and i recently found out why lol. I was going to switch over to Taste of the wild for felines but the store I went to only had The fish and salmon kind of Taste of wild for felines. I'm not sure if she is but i was told...
  5. stefanie412

    Canned Food Transition

    As you guys know I'm trying to make the switch to raw and the first step I'm taking is getting the babies used to scheduled eating and eating canned food. I'm feeding them Wellness Grain Free Chicken in a can only. I feed it three times a day, they're not happy about it at the moment lol. They...
  6. stefanie412


    I have finally decided to make the switch to raw for Bane and Fluffy. I have plenty of extra time and I have done lots of research. However, a lot of the blogs I have read seem to contradict themselves. Some say not to feed cow and pork, while others say to feed cow and pork. Then others say...