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hcm scan report

  1. gollumthesphynx

    Thickening of Ventricle, first findings of HCM symptoms

    Hi everyone, I hope all of you have been well during this past year. Unfortunately, I received some bad news from the Vet today after Gollum's heart echo. The cardiologist has noticed a tiny thickening of the left ventricle, which I guess is the first tell-tale sign of the development of...
  2. Izidora

    Understanding the echocardiogram

    Hi all, I would really like to learn more on how to read a heart echo scan. Also I'd love to learn about what is the normal size of a cat's heart and what is the HCM/DCM/RCM affected.. are there any of you who could inform me a bit more or put a heart echo report of a HCM positive cat so I can...