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  1. Tinynudists2

    Nudel & Tofu

    Hello all you wonderful humans ♥️ I just wanted to do a quick drop by and introduce my self and my nude children. My name is Seleena, my self, my fiancé and kitty family live in the Bay Area - CA And are so excited to be a part of the Sphynx community.. Let’s cut to the real reason y’all...
  2. NakedMargie

    New member and possible pigmentation question!

    Hello! It’s about time I finally joined! I’ve had cats all my life but just got my first naked baby, Cream, 2 years ago. While my vet is wonderful and knowledgeable, I live in a very small town and their knowledge of Sphynx is limited. I’ve been visiting Sphynx Lair for all my questions and...
  3. Bosskitty


    Here he is!! We finally have him! We didn't get off to the best start as on the way home Mouse decided to take a poop in his carry case 15mins into the hour-long journey..... which then resulted in a poop covered cat/blanket/carrier/car/myself/boyfriend. My morning went from best day ever into a...
  4. Bosskitty

    First Sphynx!!

    Hi there! I'm so glad I found this group as I'm sure I'll be needing your advice as I'm about to become a Sphynx Mum for the first time. I have been obsessed with these little naked beauties for years and after much convincing of my boyfriend, he's finally agreed to let me have one. My friend is...
  5. DobsMom13046

    Hello New Friends

    Hello everyone! I am a 23 to Female from Illinois. My name is Cate. I am brand new to the Sphynx Mom life. This little cutie in the picture is my 3 month old Male named Dobby. He is a sweet little baby. I hope to learn and use this forum to answer all my over protective worrywort new mom...
  6. annaesmee

    First Sphynx kitten arriving next month!

    Hello! Just registered on here and wanted to say hi! We're getting our first Sphynx kitten in a month's time and can't actually wait! Wanting to be as prepared as possible so I'm sure I'll be getting a lot of use out of this site :happy:
  7. Violet1012

    Hello everyone im violet!

    Hello everyone im violet and i just started breeding sphynx. Im about to have my first litter and im so excited. I joined because id love more info on the breed and breeding to show standards. I love the breed and hope to better it over time. Thanks everyone for reading and im always happy to...
  8. Chaz Smith

    Hello from Chaz and Loki!

    Hi guys! My names Charlotte and I've had my little Loki for just over a year. Loki is a mischievous little thing who's best friend is Heimy the cornish rex I look forward to speaking to you guys and getting to know some other sphynx lovers!
  9. Deann

    Newbie with New baby!

    I posted this a bit earlier: New Kitten, so many questions! Look forward to learning more and talking to everyone here! This is my new baby, Krypton!!
  10. Sphynxlover1996

    Hello everyone!!!

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself and my beautiful kitten Alice! I am from a county in the UK called the Wirral but originally from Cheshire. We have had Alice for 8 weeks now and they have been the best 8 weeks ever! She is absolutely adorable and friendly to everyone who meets her...
  11. GMPLAX23

    Signed, sealed and yet to be delivered

    Hi everyone! Thanks to you all and the information in this community, I decided to get my very own Sphynx kitten! I'm so happy! He should be coming to my home in October. I really love my breeder. She is knowledgeable, friendly and so passionate about these cats. She is also very attentive to...
  12. C

    An Excited Helloooo!!!

    Hiya! My names Chloe, and I am soon to be the proud owner of a little Sphynx kitten!! We have always owned cats and used to breed british shorthairs but I have always loved the Sphynx breed, ever since seeing them at a local cat show. Our little seal point girl will be ready to take home in...
  13. S

    Hello Again

    I was introduced to a sphynx, when I was in the hospital being treated for cancer. There I was, just finishing up another chemo treatment, no hair, feeling lousy and I get the feeling I am being watched. I look over and there is this totaly hairless cat. "What they have you in here for?" and...
  14. bisingular

    Meet Cynder-Bug :)

    Hey everyone! My name is Erin, and together with my fiancé (Hal), we own a little naked wrinkle monster named Cynder-Bug. In May of 2003 our neighbours cat had a surprise litter of kittens (that’s what you get for having an unfixed outdoor cat), and from that litter came my first cat...
  15. Annie


    I'm so happy to have found this site. I am a new Sphynx mom and so excited but also nervous ha! I have already received help from the members regarding my concerns about my kitty's cold-you are all so helpful and supportive! My little one's name is Gaston and he is a 13 1/2 week old Red Tabby...