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help soreeye worriedmummy

  1. aballoun

    Sick baby...?

    Hi so I bought my first Sphinx baby on Saturday and he has been a little sneezy. The breeder told me he just needs time to adjust. Which I expected. So its Thursday now and his nose is really scabby, his one eye is a little swollen and red, and tearing a lot. He is acting completely normal...
  2. BluesMummy

    My Cats Got A Sore Eye :(

    My 7 year old boy Fifa has woke up this afternoon with a really sore eye, he cant seem to open it properly & has spent all day in bed so i feel like a real bad mummy because ive only just noticed it :( , hes a oriental-mix & has never had any illness' before but he sleeps in my bed with my...