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  1. M

    desperate - problems after problems

    Hi all, Just to start off, my husband and I got our first sphynx kitten back in May. We spent prior months researching his breed and we were confident in owning one. So , we got our kitten online from a breeder in our town. He was not a credible breeder and to be honest, we got our pet at a...
  2. M

    **Urgent** Two Sphynx Cats in Wyoming need Rehomed

    I have two female Sphynx cats, age 7 and 5, a mother daughter pair, who I desperately need placed in a new home. I have had these cats since 2014, and love them more than words can describe, which makes this situation exceptionally difficult to bare. I originally rehomed the girls two a family...
  3. MisBlinkyPopeye

    Corneal Ulcer? Help!

    My 4 month old Sphynx, Nala, who I’ve had for 2 weeks started to develop a cloudiness over her eye with a translucent dot in the center of her cornea. It didn’t seem to bother her until the other night I found her bleeding f her left eye. I thought it could be a scratch. I got the bleeding to...
  4. emmalizpowell

    Sudden lump on cat’s head?

    Hi guys, I’m new to this platform and my sphynx kitten is about 2 months old. I let her out of my sight for a little bit and when I look at her, she had this bump on her head. It’s like sorta firm but also kinda squishy and she doesn’t like when I touch it. I’m pretty worried but not too sure if...
  5. I

    Hi Guys!

    Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well today! I joined this site because I am (obviously) looking to get a Sphynx. They truly are my dream cat and I can not wait to give one the best life I possibly can. I have found a breeder who checks almost all the boxes on the reputable breeder thread...
  6. IggySphynx

    Sphynx Brown skin issues

    I recently got a sphynx because the owners were looking to re home him. He is a great cat so far but I’ve never owned one before and don’t know what to do. I’ve had him for 3 weeks and bathed him once, I wipe him down everyday, but he is getting this crusty oil(?) on his face and chest. It’s...
  7. B

    Help? Brown spots on my Sphynx

    Hey there, So I have a 5 year old Sphynx male who has recently had brown spots appearing on him within the last month. They are not raised and he does not go outside. Does anybody have an idea of what this is? I have attached pictures of the spots.
  8. Laurwadz

    Buying a rehomed sphynx? Thoughts, tips, suggestions?

    Hello all! I have been in search of an emotional support animal and after extensive research I’ve fallen in love with Sphynx. My preference is to have an older cat and I found someone rehoming 3 hairless cats, 1 of which is a 4 year old male. They are asking $800 for a rehoming fee, he is fixed...
  9. Wariatka

    Poop everywhere HELP!

    Hello, fellow sphynx owners{= I have a big problem with my hairless lady. She is 2 years old (we adopted her from a certified breeder around 3 months ago) and she just doesn't care for intimate hygiene at all. I've had cats all my life, she is my first sphynx and though I was prepared that she...
  10. S

    Sphynx color

    I tried very hard to look at the color guide and I honestly just feel stuupid for not being able to figure it out, so I’m hoping you all can help me What coloring would you consider my baby to have? From research when I was first bringing them home I was thinking lavender? But I’m not really sure.
  11. Claudiajb

    Weird brown rash on my boys neck

    Hi all I am started to get really worried about Sid. Over the past few days he has developed this dark brown rash on his neck. At first I thought it was probably built up oil from sweating and it has been so warm this year but he has now started scratching there and the top of his head...
  12. W

    Claw ripped completely off- how do I groom?!

    Hi all! This is my first ever post, but I have been lurking on these super helpful forums for years. Let me preface this post by saying that I already have googled and googled and called my vet (they are not able to see him til mid may with this pandemic going on) and they didnt really seem too...
  13. Frankieyates

    Help! Noisy boy

    My partner and I got our first sphynx kitten Sid on Saturday. He’s such a snuggly loving baby but he is so so loud. He screams constantly throughout the day while my partner is working (he works from home) but even when he’s in the same room, he doesn’t get any comfort from being close and will...
  14. Clawed Monet

    HELP last effort to find a cure **TRIGGER WARNING**

    I have a beautiful 7 year old Peter Bald Russian Shynx who is going through a medical nightmare. We have been to the vet 5 times in 10 days and two separate vets are unclear how to treat her or what she has. Symptoms : •Large crusty sores all over he body and face •Scabs become pustules and...
  15. Hyperion

    Please help! Ringworm

    My poor boy had surgery a little over two weeks ago and five days after that his last set of shots. Suddenly the next day he began breaking out like chicken poxs. We took him back to the vet as these bumps started getting bigger spreading faster than I imagined. They confirm it was ring worm, we...
  16. Mickey Toulouse

    Questions about my new Sphynx kitten

    Hello fellow Sphynx moms and dads! I recently got my new kitten about a week ago, he is about 3 1/2 months old. She gave me papers that said he was neutered, got a vet check and 1st vaccinations. He has been doing fine as far as I can tell, sleeping a lot and playing like crazy, he cry’s a lot...
  17. KyandMabel

    Catifying A Declawed Situation!

    Hello! I've had cats of all kinds ever since I was a baby.... hairless and furry. I grew up surrounded by cats. I don’t want to say I’m an expert... but I know my way around them. However I have never had a declawed cat. Here’s the story..... My boyfriend and I finally moved into our house after...
  18. S

    PLEASE HELP! loose stool

    good afternoon everyone, I am panicking and seriously worried about my Frodo, he is 1 year and 6 months, I've had him for 3 weeks now, I bought him from a breeder that couldn't have the cat anymore as it wasn't getting along with her other adult cats and many kittens. When my partner went to...
  19. Gray

    At my wits end, need help

    Hi everyone, When I first adopted my cat I was in a very different space. I worked 8-12 hour days, had a well paying job, lived with a S.O., and most of all I was healthy. Since getting her I broke up with that partner, have been diagnosed with Lupus after a debilitating flare/episode, am now...
  20. S

    Lump - any idea what this is?

    This is Stellatron, and I’ve noticed this small bump come up on him. I’ve read online that it may be a few things but I’m concerned it might be serious. He had his injections done two weeks ago and is due to have the next one done next weekend. Has anyone else come across this before or know...
  21. Tetelemon

    Help NJ/NYC area

    Hey there, I’ve been in love with sphynx cats for so long, had done so much research but never had the opportunity to adopt one, but will finally be able to at the end of January (I know it’s a ways away but in my head it’s FINALLY!). I currently have one cat, she’s about 7 years old and was a...
  22. Lunasphynx1995

    Safety ideas for ledges

    Basically my sphynx loves climbing and jumping. Luna is really hyper and over the last few days I’ve had 2 close calls and one tumble over the edge of this ledge in my bedroom. She is okay as she landed 4 steps down. Although my fear is that this may have given her more confidence when leaping...
  23. sphynkles

    LOST KITTY !!!!!!!!! Update Kylo has been found!

    Our Dear baby ,Kylo is missing! We have no idea how! But he isn’t in our house! We looked everywhere in the house and we’ve knocked on the doors of our neighbours and checked under cars... we can’t find him anywhere!! If anyone sees a bald kitty, blue eyes and pink and black claws (he has nail...
  24. BuddytheSphynx

    Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia

    Hi Everyone - Going to try to make this very long story as short as possible. Last March Buddy was not feeling well. After tons of bloods tests send all over the country, x-rays, ultra sounds, thousands of dollars, and so many specialists - he was diagnosed with immune mediated...
  25. Ryleaxx

    Strange "bruise"?

    Hey, This is my first time ever posting to this site. I just wanted to see if anyone had a similar experience with their sphynx cat. Lafayette is a free spirit and often gets into trouble falls off things and gets stuck in small places because she's too curious for her own good so I'm used to...