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  1. S

    PLEASE HELP! loose stool

    good afternoon everyone, I am panicking and seriously worried about my Frodo, he is 1 year and 6 months, I've had him for 3 weeks now, I bought him from a breeder that couldn't have the cat anymore as it wasn't getting along with her other adult cats and many kittens. When my partner went to...
  2. Gray

    At my wits end, need help

    Hi everyone, When I first adopted my cat I was in a very different space. I worked 8-12 hour days, had a well paying job, lived with a S.O., and most of all I was healthy. Since getting her I broke up with that partner, have been diagnosed with Lupus after a debilitating flare/episode, am now...
  3. S

    Lump - any idea what this is?

    This is Stellatron, and I’ve noticed this small bump come up on him. I’ve read online that it may be a few things but I’m concerned it might be serious. He had his injections done two weeks ago and is due to have the next one done next weekend. Has anyone else come across this before or know...
  4. Tetelemon

    Help NJ/NYC area

    Hey there, I’ve been in love with sphynx cats for so long, had done so much research but never had the opportunity to adopt one, but will finally be able to at the end of January (I know it’s a ways away but in my head it’s FINALLY!). I currently have one cat, she’s about 7 years old and was a...
  5. Lunasphynx1995

    Safety ideas for ledges

    Basically my sphynx loves climbing and jumping. Luna is really hyper and over the last few days I’ve had 2 close calls and one tumble over the edge of this ledge in my bedroom. She is okay as she landed 4 steps down. Although my fear is that this may have given her more confidence when leaping...
  6. sphynkles

    LOST KITTY !!!!!!!!! Update Kylo has been found!

    Our Dear baby ,Kylo is missing! We have no idea how! But he isn’t in our house! We looked everywhere in the house and we’ve knocked on the doors of our neighbours and checked under cars... we can’t find him anywhere!! If anyone sees a bald kitty, blue eyes and pink and black claws (he has nail...
  7. BuddytheSphynx

    Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia

    Hi Everyone - Going to try to make this very long story as short as possible. Last March Buddy was not feeling well. After tons of bloods tests send all over the country, x-rays, ultra sounds, thousands of dollars, and so many specialists - he was diagnosed with immune mediated...
  8. Ryleaxx

    Strange "bruise"?

    Hey, This is my first time ever posting to this site. I just wanted to see if anyone had a similar experience with their sphynx cat. Lafayette is a free spirit and often gets into trouble falls off things and gets stuck in small places because she's too curious for her own good so I'm used to...
  9. M

    Blue Bumps everywhere

    Hey! I’m new to this site and I have had a sphinx cat named monti for about 7 years now. He has had these blue bumps all over him, face body and tail. They look like blue pimples but some are getting really big. They don’t bother him and the local vets don’t know what they are. Any ideas? Thanks...
  10. F

    Skin problems

    Hey there! I recently got my first sphynx cat so I’m pretty new to all of this. He is 4 months old and recently has been getting small red bumps down his back. It almost looks like small pimples. We thought maybe it was an allergic reaction and we switched his shampoo, his food, his laundry...
  11. moodynudie

    My New Kitten is Sick

    I'm worried sick about my Sphynx kitten, Fig, and would really appreciate some suggestions. He has been vomiting and having diarrhea for three days now. On January 1st, I picked up my beautiful 13 week old Sphynx kitten from a breeder who has been breeding Sphynx for over 20 years. On January...
  12. byulbunny

    New baby girl (and some questions!)

    Hey everybody! Brand new to this place - and here's one of a few photos to follow of our new baby, Noodle! She's coming up to her 6 months mark and she's an absolute doll - cuddly and affectionate, yet an absolute little monster when she wants to be. I adore her to bits. She's a baby to three...
  13. Gray

    Help with some brown spots/soap recommendations

    Hello everyone, My Marcline has these small brown spots that I know are dirt spots, but I cant seem to get rid of them. We have tried all sorts of tricks online and even gently scrubbing with a glove loofa (so i can make sure Im not pressing too hard) and they just never go away. I have...
  14. Kumoandkaze

    Rough hair, rash, and constant flaking

    Hi! My Sphynx(Kumo) is 6months old and has been having many skin issues. It started about two months ago and the vet at the time said it looked normal and it was probably acne. It didn't look like acne to me so have changed his food to grain free and also tried chicken free. I bathe them weekly...
  15. sphynkles


    Ok ok... im FREAKING OUT!!! I came into my laudry room because my sphynx boy Kilo was mewing about his litter box being full, so i went in to clean it, but on the floor there was two puddles of what looked like blood!!! I freaked out! Sometimes kitty pees on the floor if i forget to clean his...
  16. nakednelly

    Soft poop!!

    Hello, I’m a new sphynx kitten owner, we got our girl Nelly on Friday 26th October from a reputable breeder in our area. She is almost 14 week old, had all vaccinations and is microchipped. She’s is an indoor cat and only cat. She also was wormed 22nd October. Since we got her she has had...
  17. A

    Please help, my kitten has horrible redness in one eye

    Last night my 7 mo old kitten developed redness in her iris, turning her normal blue eye to almost purple. Took her to the vet this morning, and My vet says she needs to have a high content steroid drop (also VERY expensive), and then wants to run a series of expensive tests if that doesn't...
  18. Monica

    Nail Help?

    Hey y’all! I need some advice about Kenzo’s nails. We trim & file them 1-2 times a week, and clean them once every week using a baby wipe and some q-tips, damp with Witch Hazel. He’s normally pretty patient during the process. If he lets out a ‘yeoww,’ once or twice, it’s usually due to some...
  19. kiana

    Albino or odd eyed kitten?

    Hi, This kitten is now almost 2 weeks old. Now the eyes are opening we noticed one has red eyes or a red blur around its eyes. atleast thats what we have seen at the moment. Another one has just one red eye. The one with the 2 red eyes must be a red sphynx and the other one is coloring in at...
  20. ZazooLoves

    Sick 10 Year old Sphynx! Someone Please Helps! Vets Don't Help!

    Help Someone Please! I rescued two Sphynx cats about 9 years ago from an abandoned house in Illinois. Zippo the boy and Zazoo the girl. They are brother and sister. They love each other very much , and I love them more than they could possibly love me. This morning I woke up to Zazoo throwing...
  21. D

    Prayers needed :,(

    By little fighter has the wet form of FIP. I'm lost and heart broken. I believe he is unable to fight this becuase of his genetics and I'm devastated. Ive only had this sweet boy for a month and I now have to decided when to let him go. :,( We are going for a second opinion before making our...
  22. D

    Help me find a vet!

    I live in Northern Illinois near the Iowa border and I need to find a vet who actually know Sphynx cats... anyone live in my neck of the woods who can point me in the right direction. If it helps I live in the Whiteside/Carroll County area in Illinois. Asap. THANKS Cate and Dobs.
  23. D

    My Asthma attacks.... Help?

    Hello new friends! I am a 23yo female in Illinois. I am a new first time Sphynx mom to a 3 month old. I am allergic to all hairy cats but in the month that I've had my Dobby I have not had any of my typical allergic reactions. I was so excited. But now I think I have a problem. I have low grade...
  24. sphynkles

    Help! Kitty fell underwater and sneezing!

    My lil baby Kilo fell under the water today at bathtime and his whole head was submerged!! Since then, hes been sneezing!! Help! What do i do?!! Is he ok?!! Hes breathing ok, just sneezing a lot!!
  25. J

    Bloody Scabs please help

    My kitty is covered in these bloody scabs! Please help! Started as one and is now about twenty+ im sixteen so I'm hoping to avoid a vet bill if possible. Please help. (She jumped into our chlorine pool the other day she was only in for a matter of seconds, could that have caused it.