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  1. SarahShambles

    HELP! :(in over

    So poor little Luna is unwell! Temperature of 41c and just really lethargic ;( the vet has given her anti biotics and an injection to take the temp down. She’s back home with us now we were offered for her to be kept in over night and possibly on a drip! I felt like that was a bit much as she’s...
  2. Festerchat

    Sneezing and puked

    Hi guys! Poor little Fester is not having a great day. He's been sneezing pretty regularly for about 45 minutes and then he just puked up what could have been water, could have been bile? I'm not sure. It wasn't on an area where i could get a good idea of the color. He doesn't have a runny nose...
  3. Clarks Mama

    Clark the cats crazy story

    I joined this community for help! Everyone here is so loving and kind that I decided to share my story in the hopes that it will help someone else. This is Mr. Clark's story. we did a lot of research and finally purchased our baby from a reputable breeder. the breeder sent us lots of pictures of...
  4. Elaina

    Poorly kitten.

    Hi all, I'm really sad. Poor Gabbi is only 6 months and has a series of issues. I actually think she had her cat flu symptoms from when we viewed and brought her home. She only sneezed once upon viewing so I assumed that is was nothing to worry about. I did view her on two occasions and she did...
  5. Dallassummer

    Raw Eyelid

    Simba's eye is taking another beating, third time this year. This time it looks weird. I don't know what's wrong with his poor eyes but every few months they inflame and swell. I attached pictures of what it looks like today. Last time he started sneezing and his eye swelled like the last time...
  6. treefoil

    Tilda is ill again (3rd time)

    Okay, here i come again... :confused: For those who dont know: I got my kitten 3 weeks ago (12 Months old) from a breeder. After 1week tilda started puking (+ diharea) for 2 days, when she stopped drinking i had to go to a pet-ambulance since it was sunday. They wanted to take an xray, gave her...