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  1. JessMc

    My boy broke his metatarsal :(

    Well, it happened. His curiosity and crazy got the best of him. Climbing on my kitchen counter, Dexter had a tumble and broke one of his metatarsals. Unfortunately, it’s an inner digit so it’s weight bearing. He is now completely carrying that leg. As in, not setting it down whatsoever. The vet...
  2. Herathesphynx

    Ramona fracture update!

    Hello everyone!! I want to thank everyone who commented such lovely words and well wishes! Also thanks for all the tips! Music and videos on YouTube helped soothe her. I’m very happy to give you guys an update, Ramona is healing very quickly, even our vet was quite surprise at her healing rate...
  3. Herathesphynx

    Ramona confined to a crate

    Hello everyone! On January 10th Ramona had an accident, she jumped from a bathroom window that’s pretty high. When I found her she was limping, and took her to the vet, she broke her hip. Thankfully our vet told us surgery wasn’t necessary but i was told that total rest and analgesics were...
  4. sphynkles

    Scraped Paw Pads! ):

    :cry::(So, Kilo enjoys walking on a leash, but today, on the way back from our walk, he stopped and started licking his paws! I picked him up and looked at his lil feetsies, only to find that he had somehow scraped his toes on all four paws!! :arghh::(:confused: I took him inside and washed his...
  5. carly gail

    Medicine for skin injury- safe or not?!

    Hi all, Baldwin got neutered, microchipped, and had his hernia repaired yesterday. I set him up in my (medium sized) closet with lots of bedding, a litterbox, and food and water (later on). He was NOT very happy being confined in that space, however with my bed being tall and his cat tower and...
  6. Elaina

    Scar/wound after spay?

    Do you guys think this is healing normally? My friend (who has many cats) said it just looks like scar tissue. She did have dissolvable stitches in, but on her checkup visit to the vets, they removed most of them as I told them she had been pulling at them with her teeth. (She was determined to...