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introducing new family member

  1. kdmotter

    Sphynx and Ferrets

    Hi everyone! I have posted in a few threads that I found dealing with having both a sphynx and a ferret, but have not received any responses back, so I thought I'd try starting a new thread. Please delete this if it's not allowed! Anyway, I have a five year old ferret who is 99% free roam (she...
  2. C

    An Excited Helloooo!!!

    Hiya! My names Chloe, and I am soon to be the proud owner of a little Sphynx kitten!! We have always owned cats and used to breed british shorthairs but I have always loved the Sphynx breed, ever since seeing them at a local cat show. Our little seal point girl will be ready to take home in...
  3. ashleyhope7

    Any advice for introducing a sphynx kitten into my 1 sphynx household?

    Hi all! I have a one, almost one and a half year old Sphynx named Choni. He is my BAAAAABY! We traveled together to Texas for the summer to stay with my parents and I had planned to keep him set up upstairs in my room at all times because they have three furry cats and two dogs and I was...
  4. ArlosMom

    Getting my boy earlier than expected-Nervous!

    Hello everyone. So, my boy Arlo was born on Christmas Day and will be 12 weeks old on March 19th. When we first went to meet Arlo and decided we wanted him to be part of our family, we were told that he would be able to come home after he was 12 weeks old. However, he is getting neutered today...