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  1. C


    Hi, I need some help. My poor guy, Artie, is itching so so bad. He’s constantly rubbing himself on me, the bed, the sofa, or whatever he can find to scratch on. I just got him last week and haven’t changed his food much except to introduce some freeze dried raw by Stella and Chewy. He came to me...
  2. Frankieyates

    Sphynx ear redness?

    I haven’t noticed Sid scratching his ears more than normal, but I’ve noticed a couple of red patches inside his ears. They don’t look too sore and they’re probably just from scratching (he’s due an early clean and bath today) but I just wondered if anyone has seen anything like this before? My...
  3. Silke

    Plantain Salve Recipe

    If you click the image, you land on my blog post about this stuff. Plantain (Plantago Major / Plantago Lanceolate) is about the most useful "weed" you'll ever find. Not only is it completely safe to use on pretty much any skin condition, it's...free. And it grows pretty much anywhere. (The...
  4. C

    Neck & Head Scatching - sores

    My sphynx is almost a year old and have been trying to figure out whats going on for a year now! He scratches his neck and head and constantly has sores that he will scratch till they bleed. The vet checked him for ear mites or ear infections and came back negative. Ive tried multiple types of...