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  1. Hairless Blessing

    Thank you Xandria

    We were sent a great surprise from @Xandria and her family. I want to thank you. Your such a wonderful person. Your my friend from afar. I may thanks you very much. She enjoyed snooping and sniffing. T
  2. Hairless Blessing

    Happy Birthday, Izmae!!!

    My Beautiful Baby Girl...
  3. Hairless Blessing

    Izmae has her "Do Not Disturb" sign out

    It's Izmae not I may. @admi I couldn't fix it. Could you??
  4. Hairless Blessing

    Izmae's Day

    My Queen Prissy Priss......
  5. Hairless Blessing

    Happy Birthday Liam

    Izmae's King
  6. Hairless Blessing

    Update on Izmae's allergies journey

    We are almost at the end of the 2nd vial of the 3 that was in the starter kit. When, she gets the 3rd vial taken, it will be, one shot every 30 days. But, she is doing excellent, like nothing has ever been wrong. The Prescription Food, is great for her, she, likes it. I'm so glad I had the...
  7. Hairless Blessing

    Because I'm Queen Prissy Priss...

    My great LOVE. Never another.
  8. Hairless Blessing

    My Izmae

    Iv'e been asked and asked for more pics of My Queen, Prissy, Priss. I'm just not a pic taker.
  9. Hairless Blessing

    Happy New year everyone here at the Lair Family.

    Hope this is the best year for everyone yet. From~ Princess, Prissie, Priss, Queen, Izmae.
  10. Hairless Blessing

    Izmae was sooooo sleepy tonight.

  11. Hairless Blessing

    From Izmae to Susi.

    Izmae is keeping her eye out watching for your come back. Sending love and sandpaper kisses
  12. Hairless Blessing

    Izmae's birthday today.

    My Miss, Prissy, Priss, Queen, spoiled rotten, girl. I will love her until my last breath.
  13. Hairless Blessing

    Izmae's bath (In her new Bathtub)

    Sorry it's took me so long to post. I love this new tub. It is so convenient. Use it anywhere. Easy clean up.
  14. Hairless Blessing

    Izmae, prissy priss.........

  15. Hairless Blessing

    Izmae, got her bath tub.......

  16. Hairless Blessing

    My Izmae

    I LOVE HER WITH ALL MY HEART !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love:
  17. Hairless Blessing

    Izmae, has been very busy